Santan Gopal Yagya(Garbhadhana)

Santan Gopal Yagya is performed for getting children / progeny. This Yagya is highly useful for issueless couples, who have lost hope even after best treatments. ‘’® has designed this Yagya after thorough discussions with the stalwarts of Ayurveda (Ancient science of life devised by Vedas), to ensure best results. For online booking Santan Gopal Yagya, browse our website. Yagya for getting a child is a miraculous Yagna, performed to get a healthy child. Those who want a child in their life should perform the Yagya for progeny. Paternity is the main objective of the married couples. This Yajna is performed in order to impress Lord Shri Krishna so that he blesses the couple and they blossom with a healthy, bright, and blessed long living baby. The birth of a baby is most favorable moment in every couple’s life.

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Puja Price With Samagri : 9000
Puja Price Without Samagri :9000


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