Samavartana is a Hindu ceremony that marks the end of student hood and Brahmacharya. The student initially shuts himself up in a room for the entire morning on the occasion. This is done so the sun may not get insulted by the lustre of the learned student. Samavartana is also known as Snana ceremony. It signifies a persons inclination to enter Grihasthashram (householder, married life). Rituals of Samavartana Samavartana ceremony of passage includes a traditional bath. During the midday, the child comes out and embraces his teacher’s feet. He pays his tribute to the Yajna by putting fuel to it. Eight vessels of water were kept that indicates the eight quarters of the earth. Thereafter the student draws out water from any one of the vessels. After the bath, the student casts off his entire outfit into water and puts on new clothes. He shaves off his beard, cuts his hair, nails and cleans his teeth. The bath symbolises that the student had practiced continence in food and speech.

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