The Jatakarma ceremony was performed before the serving of the navel cord. This seems to have been the original time, but later writers state that if the time expired it was performed at the end of the ceremonial impurity of ten days. Or, if the birth took place during the impurity caused by a death in the family, the ceremony was postponed until its expiry. in later times the moment of birth was noted with meticulous care for preparing horoscope, as it was thought to be a determining factor in the life of the child. Then the good news was brought to the father. Different sentiments were expressed at the birth if boy and a girl, as different prospects were depending on them. The first born was liked to be a boy, as he freed the father from all ancestral debts. But for a sensible man a girl was not less meritorious, because hr gift in marriage brought merits to the father. After this, the father went to the mother in order to see the face of the son if he was not born in sinful star. Because by looking at the face of the newborn son the father is absolved from all debts and attains immortality.

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