Mundan is one of the important rituals performed by Hindus. Find out the importance of the first head shave of the baby and the ritual of keeping tuft of hair on the crown of the head. Chudakarana is the Sanskrit word for Mundan or the first hair-cut of the baby. The literal meaning of Chudakarana is arranging the hair tuft or tonsuring. This is a ritualistic practice followed by most Hindus, where parents are very particular about performing this act with all the regular norms. This is an act that is also observed as per the points mentioned in the scriptures or shastras. If you look at the Grihya Sutra, Chudakarana should be done after the child completes a year and it must not be later than three years. In this ritual, the entire head is shorn of the hair leaving only the Chuda or the Shikha, which is the tuft of hair on the crown of the head.

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